Drug Addicts in Recovery

Drug Addicts in Recovery

Drug Addicts in Recovery

April 21, 2016

The greatest challenge the former drug addict faces during recovery

Are you a former drug addict in recovery? If “Yes”, then you will meet the challenge of going back to your old environment and facing the issues that drove you to drug abuse in the first place.

At the drug rehab, you will learn how to deal with the issues of your life with sobriety. During the counseling/therapy sessions, you will discover the underlying issues of your addiction that caused serious trouble on your mind, body and emotions. Once you unlocked the damages in your life, you can begin to face the issues one by one and start living a new life free from past pains and struggles.

Dealing with past issues of your drug addiction is a difficult process that requires the support of your significant others, or fellow persons in recovery. You must be patient enough to continue working on your addiction recovery until you manage to live a life sobriety on your own.

The people close to you also face the same challenges when you go back home. While they want to see you get sober and clean, they must also adjust to your sobriety. They will have the same transition period wherein they will have to give up the position that they may have taken from you during your addiction. For example, you are a husband who allowed your wife to take on the role of thee had of the family while you were still battling with addiction. You have been dependent to her, and she became comfortable in her new role already.

After you finish your rehab treatment, you are going to take back your position of leadership in the family. In the above example, it is not easy for the wife to give you back the role. She will have to re-adjust to her former role as you slowly take more family responsibilities. If you have been abusive to family members, they also need time to trust you and rebuild their relationship with you. They may also expect much from you because of your rehabilitation. It is a mutually challenging task because you have to focus on your personal recovery and healing before you become available to them.

The family should eliminate anything that will trigger the addictive behavior. Addiction triggers include quarrels at home, nagging wife, alcohol and drug tolerant behaviors, and other forms of psychological and physical stressors.

Many drug addicts try to overdo their recovery by showing to the family that they have changed and that they are well able to take back the responsibilities they left during their addiction. But, it takes time for true healing to take place. Abstinence for a long period of time doesn’t necessarily mean that an addict is totally healed. Abstinence is not recovery, although it is an indication that the treatment program worked. Real recovery from drug addiction means that the client has completely eliminated the tendency to relapse even in the most trying circumstances.