Prevent Relapse and Zap Stress

Prevent Relapse and Zap Stress

Prevent Relapse and Zap Stress

April 21, 2016

Relaxation Tips That Zap Stress and Prevent Relapse

Relax your way to drug addiction recovery and prevent relapse by implementing top strategies used by drug addiction treatment centers.

Everyone deserves to have a break, especially if it’s a break from a vicious habit of drug addiction. You deserve to have a sober life, it’s a top choice, and relaxing is a way to lead a life free from drug addiction.

Drug rehab treatment programs usually teach recovering drug addicts stress-coping strategies to handle the daily pressures without resorting to drug abuse. It’s because ‘stress’ is one of the major culprits of relapse.

You don’t need to go to the nearest drug addiction rehab every time you face a stressful situation. Each of the stress-relief tips below can help you beat the cravings for drugs when you get back to your normal life outside the rehab facility.


Lessen your anxiety by practicing meditation every day. You can literally alter your brain’s path ways by meditating for several minutes on a daily basis. Simply sit up straight on the floor. Close your eyes and focus your mind on a short declaration of what you really want. For example, say the word, “I am at peace” loudly or silently as you put your hand on your stomach to sync with your breathing. Do not allow any distractions to take your thought away from your declaration.

Deep breathing

Abdominal breathing maximizes the amount of oxygen your body takes in. To do this, you can close your eyes and put your hand on top of your abdomen. Inhale slowly though your nose and feel your stomach go up every time you do this. Imagine the air going up to your head and calming you down. Exhale slowly though your mouth and repeat the process. Do this 5-minute workout of focusing on your breathing. Deep breathing lowers your blood pressure, slows down your heart rate and offsets the effects of stress on your mind and body.

Focus on your senses

Slow down and focus on the present situation. Look around you and appreciate anything which can take you into a comfortable thought. It can be the air that gently touches your face, the taste of food on your mouth or the softness of your sofa. Then, the tensions would lessen in minutes.

Talk to other people 

You can beat stress by turning to your social support system. Find time to talk to people who are close to you or those who can understand what you are going through.

You can talk to them face to face, call them by the phone or chat with them online. Share your fears and worries. You can feel refreshed after connecting with people who care about you.

Drug rehab can teach you the proper relaxation techniques to prevent relapse. You will also discover new ways of handling difficult situations and people. There are also many relaxation techniques that you can learn in a drug rehab. Explore them and start living a stress-free and sober life.