Transitional Halfway House Living

Transitional Halfway House Living

Transitional Halfway House Living

August 14, 2014

Transitional Halfway House

How sober living can benefit you later in life

Drugs and alcohol addiction is a road to nowhere.  Although we may have been able to maintain our habit for a period of time, we soon discovered that maintenance took up nearly all of our time and energy.  And as our diseases progressed, so did the amount of effort necessary to continue using to ward off hangovers and withdrawal.  The cyclical process of obtaining, using, and finding ways and means of getting more drugs was an exhausting full time job.  The good news is that recovery from addiction only requires a fraction of the effort that using and drinking did, if we do it completely and correctly.  Studies prove that those who seek continued care after addiction treatment are more likely to stay sober and in recovery.  Growing sober would like to focus on a more positive way to live through our transitional halfway house program, and to discuss all the benefits that come along with staying sober through Palm Beach’s Growing Sober sober living.

Furthering your education

Whether it’s finishing college, or obtaining your GED – educational endeavours are easily accomplished when in South Florida sober living.  At Growing Sober we have both staff and clients who have earned and are currently working towards their degrees while in transitional halfway house living.  Our halfway house in South Florida programs are located near accredited Universities ,and our residents and staff are always available to help you reach your academic goals.  Besides the advancement professionally that comes from obtaining your degree, an overwhelming sense of purpose and accomplishment can be felt through working to better yourself through education.

Getting the job of your dreams

Active addiction severely impacts the kinds of jobs we hold, and the quality of our work ethic.  At Growing Sober’s Palm Beach County transitional halfway house, you learn not only to strive towards higher professional goals, but how to achieve them.  Staying sober through sober living in South Florida teaches you a renewed sense of work ethic that can easily be transferred to all professional fields.  At Growing Sober we educate our South Florida sober living guests to aim for a career they’ve always dreamed of, but were never able to achieve due to addiction.  Our resources at Growing Sober will assist you in building a professional resume and landing a career that will forever change the way you live.

Starting a family

Many of us at Growing Sober didn’t ever realize that we wanted a family of our own.  Addiction and drugs had always been the omnipotent force in our lives, preventing us from seeing that we had a greater purpose.  While early sobriety and transitional halfway house living is not the time to start a family, by staying sober through South Florida sober living we are given that chance in life.

Achieving your dreams

Whatever your personal and unique dreams may be, sobriety and sober living are the key to achieving all of them.  We at Growing Sober want to express that our sober living in South Florida programs for men and women are only temporary stepping stones for the rest of your life.  Drugs and alcohol will never allow you to achieve the hopes and dreams you have for yourself – but through Growing Sober we can help you find the key to unlocking the secrets of accomplishing them.